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Samsor Saffron Trading

3rd Floor Room No 11, District 2, Quwat-E-Markaz, Paktia Business Center, Kabul - 93000, Afghanistan

Mobile : +93-793101122, +93-700233637

What is Saffron?
Crocus Sativus. L. Saffron is a spice made from the stigma of the flower of the saffron plant. The spice is used in cooking as a seasoning and as a food colouring. It is native to Southwest Asia.

Why Afghanistan Saffron?
According to investigation "The Afghan Saffron", the saffron flower from Afghanistan produces 14 filament/stigmas, while the saffron cultivated in other countries gives only 3 to 5 filaments, which itself makes the Afghani saffron to be unique. Afghan Saffron still harvest our product in a traditional and organic way. All the steps regarding the saffron production, from the harvest to the packaging and export is perform by our expert/well-trained team. The quality of Afghan Saffron is verified and tested in different laboratories in Germany and Spain and also FDA proved.

Since we are not using any fertilizer or chemical materials for the production of our saffron, we assure our respected clients that, our saffron is 100% pure, organic and natural, as a fact that it is being processed and packaged in a clean Environment. according to international norms and standards, Afghan Saffron also complies with ISO 3632 and HACCP Standards. For more study the COA copy can be submit to the customer on request. Our saffron is harvested and packed in some cities in the country.

Our product Features :
  • Pure, natural and organic
  • Superior Quality among Spanish, Indian & Iranian Saffron
  • Fresh
  • Cleanly processed
  • Best packing
  • Complies with ISO standards
  • Competitive price
  • Early delivery
  • Best and nice services ever

We offer different types of packagings starting from 0.5 grams to 10 grams. packagings are available in bottle and flat types.


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